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Dr. Pamela Houghton



Dr. Pamela E. Houghton is Full Professor in the School of Physical Therapy at Western University, London, Canada. In 2007, she launched the Masters of Clinical Science program in the field of wound healing (MClSc-WH) which she is the field leader, full time faculty member, and course instructor. Pamela is a licensed Physical Therapist in Ontario. She is a founding board member of the Canadian Association of Wound Care (1995-2008) when she spear-headed the first study to estimate the prevalence of chronic wounds in Canada (2003).

Dr. Houghton’s research program at Western has been dedicated to implementing evidence informed wound assessment tools and advanced treatments for people with chronic wounds. She is best known for her research and education about electrical stimulation therapy (E-Stim) used to accelerate wound closure of pressure injuries. She co-lead the Canadian Best Practice Guideline for people with spinal cord injury and pressure ulcers (2013). Current research is directed at better capturing the prevalence and wound care practices used for common wounds like pressure injuries across the Canadian health care system.

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